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Personal Training Programs- Techniques and Styles of Training

“I understand that everyone is different, and all training needs are unique. You might love weightlifting and hate mixed martial arts. You might never want to touch a weight and decide that you’d rather kick me all day. At New Jersey Personal Training, we will custom create a program that works for you and your specific training goals, while keeping you excited and engaged with the task at hand.”

Boxing Training

Using hands for knockouts


BOXING should be the fundamental groundwork laid for anyone determined to develop their striking skills. Too many fighters in today’s age neglect their boxing abilities. As a result, they end up remaining easy to hit and unable to effectively set up the punching combinations that help to make their attacks land! Click here to learn about how a boxing trainer can change your abilities and your body.

Pilates Training

Pilates gives us core strength and abs


PILATES is a form of exercise that has tremendous support from those who undertake it while being written off as “girly exercise” by those who do not. Trust me, as a mixed martial arts “cage-fighter”, I can attest that pilates has the abilty to challenge both your body and your mind to an intense degree. Click here to learn more about how
pilates training can help give you the stomach that you want.


Kick Boxing

Muay Thai Kickboxing

MUAY THAI KICKBOXING is probably the most brutal fighting style known to man. In all martial arts, there seems to be a combination of aesthetics, or how pleasing something looks, and functionality, how well something works. In Muay Thai, looks are meaningless and end up replaced by the cutting impact of elbows, the muscle deadening blows dealt by shins, and the brute force generated by knees. Click here to learn how Muay Thai trainingcan build your fighting style and change you physically.


Weight Lifting Trainer Thumb

Dumbell work for muscle growth

WEIGHTLIFTING is the most direct way to add muscle mass and strength to your body. However, there is an unbelievable amount of science and complexity behind this seemingly simple practice. Muscles are intricate devises, and there are many cool ways to trick them into growing bigger and more powerful. Click here to learn about the powerful efficacy of
weightlifting and resistance training.



Flexibility and Breathing

YOGA is a practice designed to cultivate both the body and mind. Beginning the practice of yoga can make a tremendous difference in your flexibility and athleticism, but it also makes a tremendous difference in the way that you feel. Many people become virtually addicted to yoga, undertaking several intense sessions weekly to keep their bodies feeling loose. Click here to learn about


Jiu Jitsu Private Trainer

Jiu Jitsu for Strength, Chokes, and Joint Locks


Jiu Jitsu, translated “gentle art”, is a complex grappling martial art that has garnered a lot of respect in recent years. With the foundation of the UFC, Jiu Jitsu was seen be be an incredibly effective virtually dominant martial art. Instead of striking an opponent to the point of knockout, Jiu Jitsu relies on the one’s ability to choke or break the joints of an opponent. Click here to learn about
Jiu Jitsu training.

Taking your enemy down


Wrestling is the art of taking your opponent to the ground, or preventing him from doing the same to you. Recently in the MMA world, it has been shown that fighters who incorporate wrestling into their fighting style are able to dominate the sport. Click here to learn how learning to wrestle can change your martial style.


Jumping for Power

Plyometric exercises are exhausing and difficult to perform but offer tremendous benefits to athletes of all kinds. Skills like the vertical leap, broad jump, and general explosiveness are enhanced when undertaking a routine of plyometrics. If you have never seen a demonstration of plyometrics or “plyos” before, it looks like “jumping around”. However, there are many different ways to jump and land which target the explosive components of different muscles. Click here to learn how training with plyometrics can make you a better athlete.


Be Flexible

Flexibility makes you feel good

Improving flexibility is something that many people struggle with and never fully address, despite the positive impact it can have on your body and mind. Stretching can be a huge pain… literally. At times, progress in flexibility seems slow. An important thing to realize about building functional flexibility is that your brain and nervous system sometimes work against you; we just need to get it to work on our side! Click here to learn a bit about
href=how to get more flexible.