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Varuni Sutton

Travis Roesler is a talented personal trainer. His extensive and scientific knowledge of physical fitness fitness combines fantastically with his ability to motivate and encourage. Travis got me in shape after the birth of my child, and it wasn’t easy, because I was lazy! His energized workouts definitely helped me to achieve more than I could have on my own. He plays a wide range of great work-out music….trainings with Travis are fun!




Elizabeth Casey

When I was going though a challenging time in my life and really needed to learn self defense, Travis Roesler saved the day. Even though he didn’t know me well, he gave me a reduced rate just so I could come train with him. As a single mom, this made all the difference. Work-outs with him are such a wonderful stress reducer. He is professional, motivating, and very good at what he does! I got stronger, more in shape and learned self defense moves that made me feel confident and comfortable. I could not have done this without his help. What a benefit to my life!



Aamna Quereshi

My name is Aamna Qureshi and I am writing on behalf of Travis Roesler, my trainer and my friend. I knew of Travis long before I met him, having seen his picture in a local restaurant on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus- his fist was raised in victory after a professional fight. At the time, I was beginning my graduate coursework at UPenn’s Graduate School of Education.  I found comfort in athletic training, and soon became especially interested in mixed martial arts, or MMA. A close friend who had been training with Travis recommended I do the same.

So many people are gifted in countless disciplines, yet few can teach others how to develop similar talents.  I was immediately impressed and excited by Travis’ ability to teach. He knew how to explain the most complicated movements to his most inexperienced pupils. For example, if I had difficulty completing a certain move in jiu-jitsu, Travis would have me practice each segment of that move, step by step, until the progression occurred smoothly. Travis, very early in my training, became aware of my weaknesses, which we worked on during each session. There is an indescribable feeling of peace when one trains in a particular sport; Travis helped me achieve that calm. At the end of every hour together, I left exhausted yet elated, as Travis’ energy and love for the sport were contagious.

Being a fairly new teacher myself, I picked up on more than MMA while training with Travis. I learned that an effective teacher needs to push his/her students to a point where they are challenged, but not overwhelmed. An effective teacher has an acute awareness of the strengths and needs of his/her students. Most of all, an effective teacher has respect and compassion for all. Travis embodied all of these traits, and I always felt safe and welcomed in his studio.

Due to distance, some time has passed since I have been able to train with Travis. I can’t bring myself to join an MMA gym, because I simply won’t find a teacher like Travis. He is gifted athletically, and his intelligence and wit can leave one speechless. I know Travis has had a positive impact on many people’s lives, including my own, and I know he will continue to give generously and selflessly to others.

Joe Goniprow

“I first sought out Travis as a trainer in 2007 because I wanted to learn mixed martial arts as a way to better defend myself, and felt it would be a more enjoyable way to add some additional training in my preparation for a Division 1 football season. While these may have been my goals at the outset, the training proved far much more valuable than just that.

First, and I believe most importantly, Travis spent a lot of time working with me to improve my flexibility and core strength. Through several methods of stretching, balance training, and core blasting, I transformed my entire body composition. I attribute these improvements for my never being injured once on the football field, despite playing one of the most physical positions in the game. His knowledge of unique stretching methods enabled me to lengthen my hamstrings, which in turn, improved my speed and explosiveness. I became a better athlete than ever before.

In addition to the physical goals I was able to achieve while training with Travis, he also worked with me to improve my nutrition. He tailored a specific diet and supplement program that fit my needs and helped me lower my body fat percentage while enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

I trained with Travis for over three years and can honestly say I had never felt better. He is easy going and a joy to train with; he finds a balance between drill sergeant and training partner that motivates you to perform at the highest level. I would highly recommend Travis Roesler as not only a mixed martial arts expert, but also a reputable physical trainer. Thanks Trav!”

Scott Liebman

During my senior year at the University of Pennsylvania, I trained regularly at Bablylon Studios. Travis Roesler was my primary instructor every Friday for semi-private instruction, and most Sundays for open mat group training. I learned a lot from Travis. Not only did Travis teach me the fundamentals of mixed martial arts, but he also taught me about the discipline required to be an owner of such skills. He made me realize that these skills are self defense skills and are not meant to be used for aggressive displays of force. In the three years after my training with Travis, I have been involved in significantly fewer physical altercations than in the three years prior to our training. Thanks to Travis’s training, I was also the victor in each of these encounters.

Travis ran a solid studio. He displayed a great deal of passion and enthusiasm for the technique he taught, and taught with a hands-on approach. He was more than willing to demonstrate and get involved in the combat with his clients. His sessions were reasonably priced, and he was very flexible about rescheduling sessions for any reason. I was very impressed with Babylon Studios, to the point that I recruited several of my fraternity brothers to join. They were all happy to give Travis their business as they all came away with valuable combat training.

During my training days, Travis became a close friend of mine. He became a regular attendee at fraternity parties, and he reciprocated by including us in his social scene. To this day, we have continued this close friendship and speak regularly. Travis is a caring, loyal friend who will always support and back up the people he cares about. I can’t speak enough about his character. He is a stand-up guy who’s friendship I value very highly. He is a friend for life.

Upenn Varsity Football Player

I met Travis as a sophomore in college. I had heard through the grape-vine that there was an ex-athlete in University City that offered training in mixed martial arts at a very reasonable rate to members of the community. What I found was something far and away better than I had expected. Travis’s knowledge of not only mixed martial arts, but also nutrition and general fitness, helped me to reach new levels of physical and mental fitness that I did not believe were even possible. I would not have had a career in college athletics like I did without the help and guidance that he provided me. His training was intense, everything was taken seriously and there was very little wasted time, which speaks volumes for his passion for the sport. I found myself unable to pay Travis right away on several occasions. Travis found the decency, with very little prior knowledge of my character, to allow me to continue to train even when I could not pay him. To me, this speaks very highly of his character. When I first met Travis, I had no idea what to expect. As I grew to know him over the following years I found not only someone who helped me to progress athletically, but someone who had been through Penn as a student-athlete who I could turn to for advice.  I stand here today fully supportive of him. I strongly believe in his character, his work-ethic and passion, and the support he provides to members of the community like me. I encourage you to do the same.

Kyle KekeiDear Travis:

I wanted to write a note to thank you for the hours of unparalleled training, coaching, and mentorship that you provided at Babylon Studios. Your knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Greco-roman wrestling, yoga, and many other disciplines was impressive not only for its breadth, but also for the depth within each area. Your ability to combine multiple subject matters into a unique style of training, and deliver them in an easily digestible fashion, produced results far beyond my wildest expectations.

Perhaps even more important than the technical skills you taught, the unwavering focus and unstoppable determination that you inspired in me have been central to success in my athletic, personal, and professional endeavors. Simply put, I am a better person, as well as athlete, for having known and worked with you.

Gabriel Nyantakyi

My  name is Gabriel Nyantakyi and I am currently a graduate student at Temple University. I met Travis Roesler in the fall of 2009 during the production of a mixed martial arts reality show that the proprietors of my gym were producing. When we started to train for the pilot  I saw Travis for the first time and  asked my coach who he was. He said he didn’t know, Travis was just a guy who walked in and said if it involves MMA he wanted to be involved. One would assume from that  Travis was  some kind of self absorbed attention seeker but that would be the farthest thing from the truth. Travis was dedicated, knowledgeable and an extraordinarily gifted instructor. His passion for teaching and love of martial arts became evident immediately. I came to realize that he would be one of the best people that I would ever work with in any context. I sincerely believe  that if given the chance Travis could enrich the lives of countless people.


Aamir Wyne

Travis’s training services came highly recommended from some of the most physically fit people I know.  As an amateur, I found the thought of Mixed Marial Arts training to be initially quite intimidating.  Luckily, Travis’s friendly demeanor and patient teaching style quieted all my fears and made me feel at home in Babylon Studios.  I trained at Babylon Studios for six months in 2009.  My sessions with Travis were physically demanding; yet his training methods were rigorous without being daunting, and encouraging without being coddling.  He took pains to insure that all of us worked in a safe, clean, and welcoming environment.  Simultaneously, Travis made sure that we pushed ourselves constantly–each practice session was both empowering and humbling.  Travis’s classes increased my cardiovascular fitness, my physical strength, and my self confidence.  Overall, my six months training with Travis were incredibly beneficial, and I look forward to working out with him in the future.


Bill Tierney

I trained with Travis numerous times and found it to be a great experience. Travis was very knowledgable in all aspects of self defense and also was skilled in martial arts, boxing, & wrestling. My training sessions provided me with a great workout and certainly makes me feel safer when I have to walk home alone at night.

Travis was very professional, always was on time, and was constantly motivating me to work harder. On a personal level Travis is a great guy and his reputation around the area was as a good person willing to go the extra mile for his friends.


Langston Laury

What I have learned from Travis Roesler in the two years I have known him, has made a significant and positive difference in how I now live my life! I was first introduced to Travis through a mutual friend; a young man I went to high school with. Soon after, Travis began instructing me in martial arts, incorporating in the lessons yoga and pilates.


I have always had a passion for sports and have longed to maintain that in my life even on a recreational level. Before college, I played competitive tennis and basketball and have continued these activities after graduating from Brown University in 2005. The workout regimen Travis designed for me has changed my entire lifestyle. Most importantly, it has offered me a discipline I never knew existed. Recognizing how devoted Travis is to his craft has also provided mewith a strong source of motivation.

The time I have spent training with Travis and the implementation of what he has taught me on my own time, has paid off in several important ways. Not only has my performance on the tennis and basketball court greatly improved, my work ethic on the job has also benefitted. In my daily responsibilities as an Office Manager for my Father’s medical practice, I have recognized a newfound energy in my daily activities. Overall I am healthier and I attribute that to the workout regimen and diet Travis has helped me maintain. Lastly, Travis has reminded me what true friendship is and the value of helping others. He has been a positive role model in my life. I will be forever grateful for the time I have spent with Travis and for the time he has taken to be a friend and introduce me to a healthier

Joshua Hoffman

I entered Penn as a Varsity Soccer player but by the end of my Freshman season had lost motivation, quit the team, and didn’t really exercise for an entire year.  Over that time period, I gained about 30 pounds (from 145 pounds to 175 pounds). Needless to say I was far too heavy for my build and my unhealthy lifestyle was not only affecting my physical appearance but my mental health as well.  Then, towards the end of my Sophomore year a friend introduced me to his trainer- Travis. After a little pushing, I reluctantly agreed to go through one training session with him at his studio.  The workout was intense and I ended the session so worn out that I vowed to never return. A few days later I got a call from Travis and he asked me how I was feeling. I told him the truth, “terrible”. He encouraged me to come out again and follow up on some of the things I had learned in our first session. Again, I reluctantly agreed. Now this next session wasn’t as bad and he encouraged me to come out one more time. The short story is that not only did I come back one more time, but I trained with Travis roughly once a week for my last two years at Penn. On the day of graduation I weighed a healthy 160 pounds- mostly muscle.  But more important than my physical appearance, I felt healthy both physically and mentally.   I give Travis 90% of the credit for this transformation.
Over the past couple of years, I’ve been to a few trainers in DC (where I’ve lived since graduation) but none have been able to make the workouts as interesting or rewarding as Travis did every time I entered his studio. If he opens a gym in DC, I’ll be his first client. He was always a positive influence on me and helped me turn my life around when I was headed in the wrong direction. For that, I am incredibly grateful.

-Josh Hoffman


I was first introduced to Travis by a few of my friends on the football team. At the time he was just starting up as a personal trainer. Travis was very familiar with a number of different Mixed Martial Arts fighting styles including boxing, kickboxing, muy tai, jiu jitsu, and wrestling. He gave specialized lessons in these techniques in addition to using their training methods to help your average joe get in better shape. I gave it a chance because the guys recommending him were in pretty good shape themselves.
Five minutes into the first session it was clear this guy knew what he was talking about. I was immediately drawn in. Travis had showed me a fun, competitive, different approach to exercise. Soon I started going twice a week. After only a month I could see tremendous results. Not just visually. I could tell I was getting stronger and my endurance was vastly improved. Another effect that I wasn’t expecting was mental. My mind was clearer. This was a great form of stress release. Travis was enabling me to perform better in my classes. It was also really helping me control my anger. I was able to take what I was learning from Travis, and effectively apply it throughout my life. He made a clear impact on my interpersonal skills; which still prove to be extremely useful, especially in a work environment.
I worked with Travis until I left Penn. When I met him I was leading an unhealthy life. He helped me change that. I had tried numerous times before at college to become more physically active. I tried going to Potruck the university gym. I tried playing club lacrosse. I tried running. We even got a home gym. These things just didn’t work.  It wasn’t just what Travis was teaching me but how he taught it. He was truly a great motivator and helped me believe in myself. Physically I was feeling great and full of energy. Mentally I was sharp and things were going great in school. By the end I was really thankful that I had met him, given him a shot, and things had worked out so well. If it wasn’t for Travis I can assure you I would not have as done as well academically, would not be performing as well in my career, and would have some significant health risks and concerns that would still need to be addressed

-Aaron Katzman

Melvin Giles

I was a trainee at Babylon Studios for nearly two years and I couldn’t have asked for a better training program. I trained at least 4 to 5 days a week and I learned a lot from Travis. My initial reason to begin training at Babylon Studios was to learn how to beat people up, with one punch preferably, but I quickly realized the program was much more than that. A typical training day would begin with stretching, yoga to be more precise, then warm-up exercises ending with an exhausting sparing session. Know matter how eager I was to learn how to fight and gain knowledge on ability to hurt people Travis always reinforced self-discipline. Everyday unlocked a new challenge with countless lessons to be learned with reasoning behind the methods. His ability to transfer knowledge has been a true inspiration and his guidance and patience has gained my highest level of respect. To this day I can’t thank him enough for the lessons learned, self-control and for being more than a trainer but a great coach.


Jeremy Hall, Esquire

It has been my distinct pleasure to know Travis Roesler both personally and professionally during my tenure at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and consequent residence in Philadelphia.  I came to know Travis through a mutual acquaintance in early 2007.  Travis and I talked frequently at the Pottruck Health and Fitness Center; the University gym where we both exercised regularly.  We shared weightlifting stories, tips and nutrition strategies.  We also bonded over our mutual love of martial arts.  Although I spoke with Travis often over the next two years we became close friends in early 2009 after I began training at Babylon Studios, his personal martial arts training facility and residence.

It took only five minutes upon entering Travis’ studio until I realized that I had chosen an excellent trainer.  Not only is Travis highly skilled at the technical striking and grappling aspects of martial arts, he is also knowledgeable about the strategy, fitness, flexibility and mental aspects of training.  Most important however, is Travis’ ability to clearly and effectively relate these concepts and skills to his students.  I brought a handful of other law students along to train at Travis’ studio while we prepared for the bar exam during the summer of 2009.  Travis was able to relate martial arts training to each Ivy League Law School graduate on a level infrequently found in the martial arts community.  I have personally seen Travis effectively teach martial arts to students ranging from the biggest gym meathead, to the apparently unathletic, academically focused Penn undergraduate student, to the most timid young female to the intellectually critical future young attorney.  It is my sincere belief that there is no one whom Travis could not successfully train.

Even more important than my martial arts student-teacher relationship with Travis is my personal relationship with Travis.  I came to know Travis as a good friend, especially after we began training together.  We’ve shared blood, sweat and valuable life experiences in the gym and on the mats and I consider Travis one of my closest friends.  He is a person that I would not hesitate to call on in a time of crisis because I have no doubt that he would be there to defend me no matter the circumstances, as I would for him as well.  Travis is the type of young man who you would select if the whole world was against you could choose a single person to have on your side.  I have no doubt we will remain friends for life.

During the course of life we meet people who chip away at our faith in humanity through their deceitful or malicious actions.  Fortunately we also encounter people like Travis who’s high character, selflessness and desire to share his blessings and assist others help restore our faith in the good of humankind.  I am pleased to give Travis Roesler my highest recommendation, both personally and professionally.  Whether you need a skilled martial arts trainer or simply a loyal friend, Travis will undoubtedly exceed all expectations.

Pete Eschenbrenner

I started training with Travis Roesler in the fall of 2006, and have trained with him on and off up until the fall of 2009. He taught me mixed martial arts one-on-one, which blended the disciplines of brazilian jiu jutsu, muay thai, and bando, and he is a great teacher in many respects. He is both knowledgeable and passionate about his art and he is a very effective instructor. He was instrumental in reinvigorating my interest in martial arts and giving me the skills and training I needed to effectively defend myself.

Beyond this, Travis is a kind and well-meaning person who made a huge difference positive difference for me. In the martial arts world, it seems hard sometimes to find a person who genuinely cares about not just the safety, but the holistic well-being of their students. Travis is that person. I hope to work with him again soon.


Patrick Maloney, Upenn Wrestling

While I’ve been fortunate enough to have trained alongside of some of the toughest athletes in the world, I’ve always found it difficult to come across someone who could develop talent in others as well as they could develop themselves. In my experience with Travis, he’s proven that he can do both, and do them at an extremely high level. Not only does he have the technical skills — he has the work ethic, training methods, and attitude required to develop a champion.




Warren Flesch

My name is Warren Flesch.  I’m originally from Los Angeles but I live and work in New York City in private wealth management.  In the spring of 2006, during my sophomore year at the University of Pennsylvania, I was introduced to Travis Roesler through my fraternity’s connections to the Penn football team.  Throughout my life, as a high school varsity athlete and sports enthusiast, I maintained what I considered to be a high level of physical fitness, priding myself on my endurance and strength.  I had always been interested in self-defense, and had dabbled in various martial arts, but had never really stuck with it due to high costs, inconsistencies in quality of instructors, and lack of focus.

When I met Travis he was training for a fight and offered me a reasonable rate to come in and train with him at his studio located less than a mile from Penn’s campus.  I jumped at the opportunity to train with a professional fighter, who was also a Penn graduate and a mutual friend.  The first workout was intense.  Travis had transformed his apartment, a converted dance studio, into a dojo of sorts, equipped with a large mat, punching bags, boxing gloves and other fitness apparatuses.  We trained for nearly two hours as I was introduced to Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, yoga and pilates.  I was so sore the next day I didn’t want to get out of bed.  It was a great workout for a reasonable price and Travis seemed like a good guy.  I decided to make it a regular thing.

For the next three years, during the time I spent in Philadelphia, I consistently trained with Travis as many as three times per week.  Although he also became a close friend, what kept me coming back was his consistent commitment to my improvements in both fitness and technique.  He is a great coach and motivator, and really seems to care about his clients.  He helped me get into the best shape of my life and taught me many valuable lessons about work ethic, commitment and dedication to one’s craft that have aided my progress, not only in the gym, but in other facets of my life as well.  I’ve now known him for almost five years.  Travis is truly a quality individual, a distinction that I can’t make for many people.  I wish him only the best of fortune.

Thomas Backman

First time I met you I thought you were just another dude talking himself up and what not and I especially thought less of you when we first wrestled and you decided to pull a heel hook on me. I tapped – fuck you, lol. After that I was commited to being better than you. Along the way I found that you werent another rung on the ladder though. You were an inspiration in regards to my martial arts technical training and spiritual training. You became a great training partner and coach. I still remember all the stuff you taught me about fighting and keep thrieving to be as good as you. Hope to see you around the gym again, it was great having you. Take care of yourself and KIT!

Dave String

Travis Roesler was my main Mixed Martial Arts instructor (MMA) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was an incredible mentor to me. He taught me in ways that I could understand the concept of the techniques being used. I could say that it was definitely a great benefit and experience to train MMA under Travis. He was always very humble and nice to everyone that he trained martial arts to. From training with Travis I have much more self control and self esteem than I use too.



Suzanne Cohen

It has come to my attention that Mr. Travis Roesler is being reviewed concerning his productive work in the field of nutrition and professional physical fitness.  As an executive in managed health care and clinical social work, I wanted to share some of the activities I have either directly overseen or worked directly with Mr. Roesler in executing, all during the period of November 2005 to September 2009.

In all cases listed below, Mr. Roesler has consistently worked to develop and implement effective community health related programs, many on a volunteer basis, to educate participants in subjects related to personalized physical fitness, mixed martial arts performance and nutrition for healthy living.   His public presentations and interviews as an associate provider member of the Wharton Health Management Research Team, directly reporting to me as a Wharton Corporate Sponsor and Chief Provider Officer of LifeDesign HMA, have demonstrated volumes of insightful research that have been highly instrumental in developing creative strategies to address our national health care crisis. He has mastered this research, and converted this information into easily understood workshop presentations to educate our enrolled members in personal health improvement.  The caliber of his blended physical and intellectual program process demonstrates the innovation needed for offsetting the economic burden experienced as a result of the rising cost of health care.  He has studied and presented on the co-active design and implementation of home-based physical fitness programs; converting confusing concepts into user-friendly innovative routines to help individuals set and reach personal fitness goals in the short-term, while strengthening their potential for sustained physical fitness.

In addition to providing services for our client referrals, his continuous participation in our health management research and experiential learning clinics was requested in support of a Physical and Emotional Intelligence initiative, supporting at-risk adolescents (kids) resistant to traditional behavioral health treatment approaches.  Hence, the creation of the PEIK Performance program.  (Physical and Emotional Intelligence for Kids)

The realistic application of nutritional education is a frequent result of personally experiencing Mr. Roesler’s professional brand.  He successfully oriented all referred clients, both adults and children, to a co-branded business model for the delivery of personal fitness and strength training, professional sports combat and personal defense training, as well as nutritional programs for weight loss.  His provider compliance evaluations of his work with membership personal health records and confidentiality policies was impeccably upheld and recognized throughout our quality assurance program and internal auditing processes.

Mr. Roesler’s engaging presentations on personal nutrition and his strategic approach to empowerment through the practice of mixed martial arts, are recognized as our company’s signature services and remain underpinnings of the health management program today.  What is notably outstanding about the empirical impact of Mr. Roeslers’s expertise in client engagement, is the statistically significant client progress undeniably observed, verbally recognized and formally recorded in all client profiles.  His successful approach to helping individuals achieve a sense of improved health and wellbeing stems from his unique approach of sharing relevant knowledge as both an academic science and a form of social health creation.

This social advocacy of health through personal reliance and effectiveness using nutritional education and physical/martial arts training has been Mr. Roeslers’s primary role as a leader in our provider network    Although the publication of individual member’s testimonials of transformation and breakthrough achievements are restricted due to health information protection laws, there is no question regarding the monumental impact we have observed with regards to these meaningful results, which directly link to Mr. Roesler’s client involvement and professional contribution to our company’s extensive intellectual property, copy written materials, and personally crafted presentations to our subscriber base.   Some historical timeline information follows below:

November 2005 – assumed provider leadership for the introduction of an innovative program to support personal growth, life balance and social development of alternative methods in health care.  With the introduction of LifeDesign Healthcare Management Alternative, Mr. Roesler and I began the development and execution of a recreational therapeutic fitness program which involved introducing individuals to the physical practice of mixed martial arts and a no-risk controlled series of interactive boxing sessions.

2006 –  2008  As an active company representative and socially conscience professional, Mr. Roesler enthusiastically responded to corporate identified membership needs indicating professionally sensitive solutions set in order to accommodate delivery of the same level of life improvement instruction that included nutritional education and physical development to promote healthy lifestyles.  His easy going attitude and expert ability to adapt his program approach to fit the holistic conceptualization of each client profile, allowed us to provide services for 100% of our members seeking linkage to this type of

2009 – In addition to quality reviews from our subscriber base, Mr. Roesler’s reputation is linked to an increase of our company’s membership enrollment figures, and in addition, has inspired the participation of our company’s executive team, including myself, as well as network providers from other disciplines.

I hope this information assists you in your review of Mr. Roesler’s performance in the field.  As Chief Provider Officer, I am extremely proud to have Mr. Roesler as a health professional in our network, and am grateful for his invaluable contribution to our pilot studies in support of at-risk children’s empowerment programs.  His professional involvement has helped define key programs leading to our success.  Please feel free to contact me at the office below, as we can easily discuss this matter as needed in further detail.

Travis Roesler was my main Mixed Martial Arts instructor (MMA) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was an incredible mentor to me. He taught me in ways that I could understand the concept of the techniques being used. I could say that it was definitely a great benefit and experience to train MMA under Travis. He was always very humble and nice to everyone that he trained martial arts to. From training with Travis I have much more self control and self esteem than I use too.