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Boxing is should be the fundamental groundwork upon which your entire striking style should be built.

Too many fighters get distracted by the power of Muay Thai strikes and forget to build the footwork that actually sets them up!

You want to punch well?  Boxing.  You want to be able to effortlessly dodge every punch thrown at you?  Also boxing. 

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As far as 'stand up' arts go, this is the most brutal fighting style that there is. 

Instead of fancy moves that look pretty, Muay Thai focuses exclusively on the cutting impact of elbows, the muscle deadening blows dealt by shin bones, and the ridiculous brute force that can be generated by your knee caps.  

When it comes to women's self defense, this is the most effective standing style.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

jiu jitsu in west chester pa

Jiu Jitsu (directly translated “gentle art”) is a fairly complex grappling style that has garnered a lot of respect in over the years.

With the foundation of the UFC, Jiu Jitsu was seen be be an  virtually dominant martial art, and should be a staple in all self-defense related styles.  

Instead of bashing your opponent's head with your fragile fists, you can gently choke him to sleep.

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Resistance Training

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Whether you want to build strength or muscle mass, resistance training is non-optional.  Our goal is to get your muscle to adapt, and specific goals will require specific training.  

While the majority of our training will NOT revolve around resistance training, this remains to be the best supplementary exercise for additional goals.  

Rehabbing injuries, building bigger butts, developing arm muscularity... it all comes back to pushing through  resistance

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yoga training in downingtown pa2

I'm no Yoga master, but I am fairly skilled at meditatively breathing through extremely uncomfortable physical situations... which is probably the most valuable gift that you can receive from this practice.  

(I suppose the flexibility is nice too, especially when you need to tie your limber legs around someone's neck in order to choke him.)

Nevertheless, this is one of the training methodologies that we employ when a combination of strength, flexibility, and meditative skill are required. 

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Pilates is a form of core training that is designed primarily to build the 'transversus abdominus,' which is a subset of neglected abdominal muscles that span across your abdomen.

The inventor theorized that if you can make these muscles strong enough, they can overcompensate for weakness elsewhere in the body, and allow you to heal.

Despite being considered a 'girly exercise' system, there is massive athletic benefit... besides just just making your stomach look good.  In fact, I wrote and article about it, and you can click here to...

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Being flexible allows you to kick people in the head.  It also makes you more resistant to injury.

I've had trainees who have left a lifetime of pain behind them, simply be restoring the natural range of motion to previously damaged muscles.  

Sometimes, the way to make progress is simply by getting your body out of its own way. 

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While destroying the bag with a flying knee is not technically a 'plyometric', it does demonstrate what you can do with the explosive power that they build. 

This form of jumping exercise will actually trick the muscles in your lower body into contracting more violently than they would in other forms of exercise. 

As such, it's essential for any athlete who needs speed in any capacity. 

They also make your butt and legs look good...

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Being able to take people down, and being able to defend takedowns means that YOU control where the fight goes. 

If that guy knows Jiu Jitsu... stay on your feet!

If he's a boxer... take him down! 

If your goal is to be a truly well rounded martial artist, this is one of those things that we need to build.


Ground N' Pound / mma

mma training in downingtown pa

I'm literally only making this page because I have 9 pages... and that means the Takedown page to my left would be sitting here asymmetrically all by itself.

As such, I will use this ground and pound image, and write the crappiest article that I've ever written in my entire life to go with it. 

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