While there are many forms of kickboxing, Muay Thai kickboxing is by far the most useful for self-defense. It is also the best kickboxing for improving fitness and building strength. While the following summary of Muay Thai kickboxing training might be a little intense, this form of martial art can be made to suit your needs and help you get in shape while learning how to kick butt.

Muay Thai kickboxing is probably the most brutal fighting style known to man. In all martial arts, there seems to be a combination of aesthetics, or how pleasing something looks, and functionality, how well something works. In Muay Thai, the way your technique “looks” is meaningless. Pretty moves are replaced by the cutting impact of elbows, the muscle deadening blows dealt by shins, and the brute force generated by knees. When it comes to dishing out some damage, Muay Thai kickboxing reigns supreme.

To compete in Muay Thai kickboxing seems to require a putting yourself through a great deal of pain and physical damage. While you may have no interest in stepping in the ring, being able to understand and utilize the weapons that Muay Thai creates could potentially save your life one day. Hopefully, you will never have to use it for a self defense purpose. This type of kickboxing training will certainly get you into great shape. There are few things that can engage the abdominal muscles more than throwing high roundhouse kicks. Using the knee strikes in Muay Thai is great for the lower abdominal region. While kickboxing is tough, simply training Muay Thai kickboxing doesn’t need to take a toll on your body and it will have incredible physique building benefits.

Women should understand that their fists will never be their most powerful weapons. While power can be developed in female hands, you might find it more efficient to use them as distractions for some seriously powerful kicks and knees. Men need to understand how much power they truly possess in dealing attacks with their lower bodies in conjunction with their hands. When one learns how to kick and knee correctly, there is so much power in the blow that it takes some conditioning for your own body to be able to handle the impact! However, certain parts of your body seem to have been created to function as weapons. Have you ever pinched the skin on your elbow? It doesn’t even hurt no matter how hard you try. If it doesn’t hurt, then why not hit your opponent with an elbow instead of a fist? There is a seriously jagged bone underneath this hard skin. It almost seems like it was meant for this use.

Muay Thai kickboxing training helps us to use every weapon that nature intended our bodies to have, and to do so with destructive force. This is a great way to have fun, get into shape, and keep yourself safe on the street.

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Regarding money and stuff, I have no interest in making you sign a contract or having your credit card automatically billed. 

Training folks is sort of a hobby for me.  I don't charge much.  I just try to find people that I like working with.

This entire 'career' has been completely accidental. 

I played football at the University of Pennsylvania for a while but walked away from the sport to fight professionally. At the time, there weren't too many fighters walking around campus or hitting the heavy bags in the gym... so people sorta started taking note.

One random day, my classmate Bari asked me if I would teach her how to fight... she hated normal exercise, and wanted to be able to beat the crap out of her foes.

I don't judge. 

I had never taught fighting before, despite having done a whole lot, but I’m a logical guy and it can't be THAT hard.  Plus, I knew a billion exercises and had extensively studied the science behind training and physical development (I was sort of an exercise science bookworm.)

Anyhow, we started training at the campus gym, and we were interrupted constantly by other people who wanted to learn.

Within weeks I had a dozen clients and after several months I was teaching and training out of my apartment almost full time. I was happily surprised by the response but also a little confused.  

Within a few months, I had my own personal training business, and my Ivy League education became completely useless. 

Now I just help people achieve their physical goals and learn how to fight like warriors. 

Perhaps you and I are somewhat alike... 

Its not hard for me to understand what it’s like to take a look at yourself in the mirror and feel a little 'meh'. The trick is to use that feeling as inspiration, to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and truly be confident that you are going to do what it takes to get there.

If I was a sales person, I would tell you that it was easy, and that everyone and their grandma can breeze right through the process if they just train with me. Just buy the biggest training package that you can buy!

(I don’t actually have training packages.)

The truth is, it's not easy, and you already know that. In the process that I went through, I certainly didn’t feel great all of the time. I had moments of discouragement and doubt, but this kinda thing is to be expected. Success is earned. Pushing through those moments will help to define who you are.

It took me four or five months to lose 60 lbs. After a year I had lost 80. Long after, just by keeping the same practices and habits loosely in mind, I haven’t put a pound of it back on. Or maybe a few. I don't weight myself anymore. I just wait for my clothes to start fitting poorly, and make changes when necessary.

Nevertheless, developing good habits and incorporating them into your lifestyle permanently is the key to long term success in the physical realm. These are habits that we can build together.

I will to put something new in your mind each time you enter my gym and teach you how to apply the principal on your own time.

Sometimes this may be a new exercise concept. Other times, it could be a martial arts technique. This all depends on you, and the goals that you have... but it will always be well designed, functional exercise.

If you want to learn how to fight, you will learn something new about MMA every time you step foot in my dojo. I'm a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and I've been both boxing and kickboxing for more than 2 decades.

But again, I will build a fighting style tailored specifically to YOU. Your size, and your skills / abilities.

While we achieve this, I will push you to work beyond a level that you would have reached on your own.

If you get to the point that you no longer need me present to accomplish what you need to accomplish, I am happy to release you into the world as an educated athlete. You will be free to do what you wish with the techniques that you have learned (especially if that means writing me a testimonial).

You can spread the ways of the warrior that you learn here, to any who will listen.

You just have to find people willing to listen to you I guess.  That's always the hard part. 

Thank you for reading this!  I don't even remember why I wrote it, but it's here now and I'm not deleting it.