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West Chester Personal Trainers – Fitness, MMA, and Kickboxing

“At West Chester Personal Training and MMA, I realize that a workout should build a powerful skill. Why do boring exercise when you can use Kickboxing and MMA technique to get in excellent shape?”
If you found my website, you are probably here for one of a few reasons:

1.) You are Fatter or more Out-Of-Shape than you want to be, and you want a personal trainer to help you change that nonsense. You probably also want to build some muscle and tone-up.
2.) You might want to be awesome at Kickboxing, MMA, or Jiu Jitsu.
3.) You want to get in excellent shape WHILE learning how to beat the crap out of stuff… or people… whatever.

That last one is like a combination of the first two, and is also the most common reason that people find me 🙂

If you’re looking to change yourself for the better, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at my former fat guy picture and laugh at my expense!!!

Fat Personal Kickboxing Trainer

Fat Travvy - Diet Day 1

MMA Trainer Travis Roesler

Not-So-Fat-Trav... Keepin' the pudge off

I understand that no one wants to look at themselves in the mirror and feel like garbage. Trust me, I remember the first day I saw stretch marks on my stomach. That was a crappy day.

I also understand that people need to know that they can defend themselves when they have to. Getting beat up or mugged might be shittier than stretch marks on your stomach… it’s close match.

“Workouts should build skills while they change the way that you look… ideally cool skills.

People waste a lot of time working out, while doing stuff that’s boring and meaningless. I think that the way personal training is approached should be changed entirely.

My philosophy on training is very different than most. I don’t believe in walking you around a gym and pointing blindly at the next piece of equipment that you should use. That’s ridiculous and you could easily workout like that by yourself.

“You could blind-fold yourself and stumble around a gym, stopping to use every piece of equipment that you bump into… painfully. That will get you the same result as working with most other trainers.”

I believe in teaching you something while you train. Something new should make sense to you by the time every session is over. You will get in amazing shape, and you can become a fiercely powerful kick-boxer while you’re at it.

Your goals can be achieved faster that you think, it’s just about building the strategy specific to your goals, and sticking to it.

If you want more info, you can go one of two directions from here:

1.) CLICK HERE to read a little more about my story, how I fell into running a training business, and more about what makes my place awesome.

2.) If you want just the facts about why I am most likely to help you succeed in your goals, CLICK HERE. You will get a concise list of the things that make me an incredibly effective trainer from a physical standpoint, and a martial arts standpoint.

If you would rather just contact me directly, I’m cool with that as well. You can give me a call or shoot me a text message ANY TIME at:

(908) 902 8475
Travis Roesler
Email: [email protected]