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Dorothy making the Studio look good

“This studio is unlike any other that I have ever come across.”

In this series of action shots, you can get a pretty solid look at the studio.

To the left you can see Dorothy in her stance setting up a kick.

Using techniques from Mixed Martial Arts is a large portion of the physical exercise at NJ Personal Training, but its certainly not a requirement.

I frequently introduce my trainees to punches and kicks as a form of cross training and most of them fall in love with it.

Training martial arts is EXCELLENT exercise… there is limitless core and abdominal involvement.

Also, while you’re working out, you might as well LEARN something useful. You never know when you might need to use it!

Punching is great for your arms. Kicking is fantastic for your legs and lower abdominal area.

Of course you will be asked to do many different kinds of training at NJ Personal Training.


Abs NJ Personal Training

Even eating like a slob can't entirely defeat my abs.

No matter what your training goal, we will spend the last 5 to 10 minutes of every session doing abs.

As much as I eat and as much as I like beer, my ab muscles still stick out because a little layer of fat can’t hide them.

If you want to see your abs, you just need to make them grow a little bit and burn fat from the top of them. Burning fat is actually fairly simple if you understand the science behind it.

SMALL adjustments in your lifestyle go a long way in this pursuit.

If your goal is to have visible abs, a little work and some discipline goes a long way. It’s MY JOB to give it to you.

Having a strong core also tremendously increases your athletic ability. EVERYTHING that you do becomes stronger.

By training your core, you will notice improved balance, reduction of back pain (and pain in other areas), and even stuff like housework will feel generally easier.

A powerful core makes you a powerful individual.

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NJ Personal Training Dumbells and Weights

Rowan putting some size on his arms

For people that want to add some muscle mass, there’s really nothing quite like lifting weights. Everyone has their own specific areas that they want to develop.

At NJ Personal Training, if you clearly state your goals, we can target any part of your body and DEMAND development.

For people that want to lose weight, lifting is STILL important. Fat is burned within muscle cells. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn.

Your metabolism is also positively effected by having additional muscle. By putting on some of this lean tissue, you will burn more calories throughout your day, even just by sitting there and doing nothing.

NJ Personal Training Pull Ups

Brian building some back and arm strength.


Pull-ups are another great form of resistance training. Unlike weights, all you need is your body and a bar… or a tree branch.
They’re not for everyone, but it’s certainly a great exercise to work towards, even if we have to modify it to make it possible.
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NJ Personal Training Kick Hard

Nikki bruising up my forearms


Here is Nikki throwing a big kick on some Thai Pads.

On the street she’s a normal looking girl, but she is capable of destroying the ribs of almost any grown man.

I can help anyone build dangerous power (if that’s what you’re into), it’s just technique and a little hard work.

Again, this type of “Muay Thai” kick is great for lower abdominal and leg strength, as well as cardiovascular development.

NJ Personal Trainer Flexibility

Dorothy loosening up her leg on the stretch ladder.


Flexibility is a form of athleticism that everyone tends to lose as they get older.

Unfortunately, as certain muscles within the body tighten, they can negatively effect other body parts around them.

Frequently tight hip flexors end up causing lower back pain.

A tight chest can lead to neck and upper back pain.

Any tension in your torso can make every single breath that you take slightly more difficult.

A tight groin will prevent you from kicking high.

Regaining flexibility and range of motion is one of the easiest ways to get rid of nagging injuries. It also gives you a few moments to take some deep breaths.

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NJ Personal Trainer Stretching Training Hurts

Stretching makes me sad sometimes


This is how stretching makes me feel sometimes…













NJ Personal Trainer Head Kick Training

Me Kicking Tom in the head for a photo op... he deserved it.


Not only do I feel amazing, but stretching gives me the ability to do other cool stuff with my body.

Head Kicks aren’t for everybody… but we can certainly work on them if you want to. It’s a lot easier than you might think.









Personal Training High Kick Training

Nikki Kicking High


In less than two months, Nikki developed the ability to kick very high and HARD.


There’s a trick to it. 🙂


You just need to know a little about the science of movement, or kinesiology (which I will teach you).






Personal Training Pilates Stretching NJ

Claudia working her splits on the Reformer... one of my favorite tools.


Here is Claudia working on one of my favorite machines, the Pilates Reformer (even though you can’t really see it).


This machine allows her to build flexibility and strength at the same time.


Right now she is performing a split on a sliding platform. Her adductors are strengthened by having to hold her body weight up in an extended range of motion. This is a muscle that is often neglected.


Also, they build tremendous flexibility when the platform moves, allowing the muscle to lengthen fully.

NJ Personal Training Dumbell Bench

Brian pumping out some bench press


Here’s Brian doing some dumbbell bench press, a staple for upper body strength and development.



NJ Personal Training Dips

Brian continuing to build the upper body.


Brian doing some dips to hit the chest and upper body in a different way.

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Personal Trainer Wrapping Hands

Safety first... protect your knuckles





Safety first… any time we punch stuff, I wrap your hands… and I probably won’t be shirtless.













NJ Personal Training Boxing

Punching stuff


Now that our hands are wrapped, we can punch some stuff.













NJ Personal Training Speed Bag


Speaking of punching stuff, the speed bag is phenominal exercise for your arms and it also drastically improves your hand/eye coordination.












Fitness Training Balance

JR working towards standing on the ball.


I also love balance training. It is applicable to all activities we undertake in life.


The ability to balance is basically the ability to control your body and weight.


In mastering this, you will drastically reduce instances of injury, and you will improve at every imaginable physical activity, from athletics, to dancing, to manual labor.







Travis Roesler Balance

Doing ridiculous ball-balance stuff.


After a while you can do crazy stuff like this.


If you can balance on a ball, you feel solid as a rock when your feet are on the floor.


This type of training has been shown to cause a HUGE reduction in knee-ligament injury.


This has to do with the body’s improved ability to distribute it’s weight.






Jiu Jitsu Training Travis Roesler

Trying to roll Tom from his dominant top position.


Some of my students like Jiu Jitsu.







Travis Roesler Rear Naked Choke

Me Catching Tom in a choke


Most don’t… unless they’re serious about Mixed Martial Arts.





Travis Roesler Judo Throw

Me Throwing Jr. with Uchi Mata (translates to "between the leg"


Judo is great for self defense purposes, and it’s just cool to be able to throw people over your head.


It’s tremendous exercise, anyone can do it, and it could save your life.











NJ Persoal Traininer Flying Knee Training

Jr. Dropping a ridicuous flying knee...


This is Jr. throwing a ridiculous flying knee.


It’s one of the more advanced mixed martial arts techniques that we might practice at NJ Personal Training.


Again, it all depends on the student, and how far they want to take MMA.


I just think stuff like this is really cool, and it’s definitely tough exercise.






Travis Roesler Right Cross

Me throwing my hardest "Right Cross"

Punching power is 100 percent guaranteed in this studio.





“No matter what your physical goal, there are 1000 exercises that we can do to achieve it… far too many to display on this site or write cool little blurbs about. You tell me what you want to accomplish, and I will tell you exactly how we’re going to do it. After that, you show up at NJ Personal Training and do the work. I will be there every step of the way.”