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Personal Trainers In West Chester PA

“If you landed on this page randomly, you have found my West Chester personal training and MMA webpage… lucky you!”

You should probably Read This Page First… otherwise you’re missing the introduction to my page and all of that good stuff. The following info might seem poorly introduced.

The following list gives you the reasons about why I am the most qualified guy to change your physical shape, regardless of what you are trying to accomplish.  (My MMA list is below this one).
Fitness and Physical Development

1.) I started to study exercise physiology and kinesiology like a nerdy-ass bookworm when I was 12.

Translation: I’ve studied the SCIENCE of muscular/physical development (not BS fitness fads) and applied it to myself and my own students with great success for 17 years.   I understand how muscles are built from a cellular level, and I understand how to shift your body into a state of fat metabolism if you’re trying to lean out.  Even when I was a fat bastard, I used to bench press 455 lbs… I just didn’t care about being chubby until I couldn’t hide my double chin behind a goatee (sad face).

2.) I have a degree in Nutrition from UPenn, I can help teach you exactly what you should put in your body.

The concept of dieting really baffles most people. It doesn’t have to be that complicated. I can tell you how to eat so that you won’t have to “diet” anymore. You can follow some basic guidelines and make tremendous progress.

3.) I lost 70 lbs in a summer… I can tell you exactly how I did it.

I have a specific method that will work for you, guaranteed.  It’s a solid method that I’ve proven with my own body, and with countless trainees. Also, I UNDERSTAND how much it’s going to SUCK to go through any type of physcial change.  Anyone who’s telling you that it will be easy is full of shit.

4.) Improving as an athlete, building muscle, and creating power require training your nervous system as well as your muscles.

It’s not just about using your body until it’s tired.  You will get FAR GREATER results if you learn how to intelligently train your nervous system’s CONNECTION to your muscles as well. This is more for people who want to improve their athletic purpose, but this type of training can create muscle hardness and physical ability that everyone can appreciate.

MMA/Kickboxing/Jiu Jitsu

1.) I’ve studied MMA obsessively for more than a decade and have spent several hours a day either teaching it or training for my own development.

Seriously… I have problems. I have pushed my body to the point that it’s been nearly destroyed, and I’ve made a life out of getting punched in the face.  (you will not be expected to get punched in the face).

2.) I have been paid to fight in cages.

It was both the best and worst experience I’ve ever had at the same time. The stress is unbearable, the victory just tastes so good.

3.)I can teach ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS how to become INCREDIBLY BADASS in a month.

It doesn’t matter what your experience level is. I have seen the most horrendous, terrible athletes walk through my doors, and EVERYONE leaves a better fighter and in much better shape.

4.) I have been paid to train other fighters that fight in cages.

I can teach any skill level. If you are a beginner great. If you are a pro looking for a sparring partner or advanced instruction, let’s get to work. I can help anyone, no matter what level.

5.) I can teach old ladies how to become INCREDIBLY BADASS in about a month and a half.

I realize that this whole website might come off a little intense. I’ve worked with women over 60, wrinkly old dudes, people with heart conditions, and even a 6 year old girl. I can adjust to anyone.

6.) Teaching MMA is what I do all day, every day, and I truly don’t have a desire to do anything else.  I am an excellent teacher, and I am very confident that you will enjoy training with me.

This seems to be what I was meant to do in life… I guess. I would much rather be a millionaire, but working out for a living and teaching the sport/science that I love is pretty damn awesome. I guess I’m lucky.

If you have any other questions, look around on the website… everything is pretty clearly labeled. Bear in mind that my original business was “New Jersey Personal Training”, so as soon as you navigate off of this one page, all of the headings are going to change… you’re still on the page for my business in West Chester PA and on the same website, it’s just going to be labeled differently… just letting you know that you should not be confused.

You can read my testimonials, see some videos where I was interviewed on TV for this stuff, and you can read about all of the training styles that I typically employ for my trainees.

I’m glad that you took the time to read this, now call me or text me!  Otherwise, you can read an even longer version of my story and stuff about me.  CLICK HERE to do so.

Travis Roesler
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